A simple process


QRaGo helps you create a ride within 30 seconds and communicate it properly.


Always see the status of the journey and the location of the vehicle during the execution of the journey.


Let us help you with documentation and billing. QRaGo automates these areas for you.

Individual for each user group

Die medizinischen Einrichtungen profitieren von QraGo

Medical facilities

Monitoring of all active material movements for clinic staff. Suitable for medical facilities and clinics.
Die Pflegekräfte profitieren von QraGo


Caregivers order a transport within 30 seconds. Suitable for nursing.
Für Fahrer

Courier services

Your transports will be more cost-efficient and at the same time you will share information with your customers.

You too can trust QRaGo

We do everything we can to satisfy our customers. Let's work together on the patient transport of tomorrow.
Pflegekraft bestellen

QRaGo for you

Planning and fleet management

For you, the optimization of orders will be automatic. QRaGo offers you a complete daily overview with upcoming orders and locations of all vehicles. The route planning is continuously updated with current traffic information and live data, so that you can always react in time. We support you in planning and fleet management so that you can support your customers in the best possible way.
Alle Fahrzeuge auf einen Blick

Interfaces and integration

Schnittstelle QraGo

Interfaces and their integration

QRaGo connects ideally to your systems. This means that no data has to be entered twice and you can plan your trips as usual. Arrival times, live data and important quality data for monitoring are forwarded directly to the med. facilities.

Get started now with QRaGo

and set new standards in patient transport.
QraGo ist auf allen Geräten verfügbar