A simple process


QRaGo helps you create a ride within 30 seconds and communicate it properly.


Always see the status of the journey and the location of the vehicle during the execution of the journey.


Let us help you with documentation and billing. QRaGo automates these areas for you.

Individual for each user group

Die medizinischen Einrichtungen profitieren von QraGo

Medical facilities

Monitoring of all active trips for clinic staff. Suitable for medical facilities and clinics.
Die Pflegekräfte profitieren von QraGo


Caregivers order a transport within 30 seconds. Suitable for nursing.
Patienten profitieren von QraGo


Patients can order themselves a ride via the QRaGo app. Simple and straightforward.
Für Transportunternehmen

Transport company

With QRaGo, your transports are carried out more cost-efficiently
Für Disponenten


Dispatchers are supported in the planning of the day.
Für Fahrer


Drivers receive routes based on real-time information.

You too can trust QRaGo

We do everything we can to satisfy our customers. Let's work together on the patient transport of tomorrow.
Pflegekraft bestellen

Insights into QRaGo

Easily order a ride

With just a few clicks, you enter your patient transport needs and QRaGo does the rest for you. Whether admission, rehab or consult, with us handwritten notes and phone calls are a thing of the past. Here's how to digitize your patient transport.
Bestellen von Patientenfahrten einfach gelöst
Disponenten haben bei QraGo Alles im Blick

Automated planning

QRaGo supports you in organizing, arranging and carrying out patient transports and enables you to make efficient use of internal resources. In this way, we reduce waiting times and idle times in clinics. QRaGo is your digital mediation of patient transports.

Uncomplicated processing

You get optimized routes and planning information based on real-time data. QraGo provides continuous monitoring of all vehicles and their current order status, making possible changes immediately visible.
Fahrer erhalten bei QraGo alle Information über die App
Pflegekräfte sehen alle Informationen zu ankommenden bzw. abgehende Fahrten

Full transparency

With QRaGo, your internal processes are the focus. You see when a patient is due to arrive or be picked up and are informed directly in the event of delays. There are no more telephone queries or blocked capacities.

Get started now with QRaGo

and set new standards in patient transport.
QraGo ist auf allen Geräten verfügbar