Digitization in patient transport

The name QRaGo is made up of the words "Cura" (care) and "Go" (movement). We promote patient mobility in healthcare with our digital solution. For our customers and patients, we place particular emphasis on quality, reliability, trust and transparency.

Unsere Vision

QRaGo's long-term goal is to revolutionize the organization and execution of patient transport. By using a B2B and B2C platform to lift the currently analog system of delegating patient transports into the age of digitalization, we allow all parties involved to benefit. We offer uncomplicated ordering by medical facilities, faster transport for patients and more efficient orders for patient transport companies. By networking the various parties on one platform, QRaGo makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of patient transport in the healthcare system.

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Unsere Mission

Patienten werden gefahren

QRaGo primarily benefits patients by making needed transports less time-consuming for them. Control centers, ambulance companies and health insurers are major stakeholders in this platform. By choosing the right means of transport, QRaGo enables the health insurance company, through individual classification of the trips, to optimize and make resulting savings in the billing system. Control centers, transport and ambulance companies save time in the planning and execution of transports. The various providers of patient transports can better utilize their means of transport through intelligent route planning and significantly reduce the number of empty trips.


The founding team


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Die Gründer von QRaGo

A word from Christian Ruff and Alexander Kunze

Our company started with a brilliant but simple idea: to digitize manual logistics processes in healthcare. Our experiences in healthcare, both in nursing and in the emergency services, have shown us that we need to address this issue. Now we have managed to establish QRaGo in the German market and look forward to further advancing our products.

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